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Nooma Layla (aka Naama Alex Levy)

born in Jerusalem, Raised by my adopting family in the city of Tel Aviv,Israel.

A visionary. An investigator.

Moved by the energy that begins in the inner eco system.


Initiating spaces of intimacy with the multi cosmic spiral that is the I, in connection and appreciation, a co-creation of us all. 

Allowing vulnerability to be a guide. Drawn to explore energy through the trust of the un-familiar, in ways of playful interaction with light, sound, shape and most of all - intent. 

Through this photographic work, I ask to extract shape and form from unseen realms.

An invocation of an expanded self, that which can only appear and expose itself under circumstances of un restricted sight, to express and unveil itself. 

Nooma shares one-on-one and group sessions of different modalities she had developed as communication. This being one with her art making- all that and more, well serves the soft yet wild core on the journey of recollecting the memory of who we are, on a planetary and cosmic level, as the personal. 

"as within, so without. As above, so below."


Recent Activity

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 12.19.35 PM.jpg

Had taken time off of the art field.

To birth my first son. To develop my work in the field of natural and intuitive medicine.

Now Im back with the purpose of merging art with transformational work. 

for further details on my earthly initiation and
tangible projects
please contact me via email

  - Personal one on one coaching - Merging with one's highest purpose, divine design and soul insight. 
Via A wide set of shamanic practices. 
- Group initiations. Sound & Vibrational sessions with Cacao.
- Bio resonance - Electric-pulse Meridian Treatment, based on Chinese Medicine .



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