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Nooma Layla aka Naama Alex Levy

born in Jerusalem and later adopted by her true raising family.

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop" - Rumi

An investigator. Moved by the energy that begins in the inner eco system. Initiating spaces of intimacy with the multi cosmic spiral that is the I, in connection and appreciation, a co-creation with the "outside".  

Nooma is drawn to explore vulnerability and wilderness through trust in the un-familiar, by ways of playful interaction.

Through her photographic work, Nooma tends to extract a shape and form in unseen realms. An invocation of an expanded self, that which can only appear and expose itself under circumstances of un restricted sight. 

Nooma shares one-on-one and group sessions of different methods she had developed as communication through expression. This being one with her art making- all that and more, well serves her and other's soft core on the journey of being a fully claimed sensual soul in human form.


Recent Activity

artist in residency

Villa Lena, Tuscany, Italy (April-May 2019)

for further details on my earthly initiation and

tangible work

please contact me via email



   *Personal session -

a type of unique Channeling of a higher guidance,

Direct contact for deep DNA activation via Skype.

"insightful and life transforming." available here 

    *Group Journey of the Lucid Heart - 

subtle guidance, light movement, deep healing sounds & medicinal Cacao .available here


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